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Civil Litigation


We are fully dedicated to ensuring justice for our clients. Whether we are able to reach a compromise or settlement with the opposing party in your case, or whether we have to utilize local or state courts to achieve a fair outcome on your behalf, we strive to assist you in successful resolution. We litigate various legal areas, including evictions and components of real estate law, breach of contract matters, lien foreclosures, and mortgage foreclosures throughout Collier County.

Real Estate Matters

If you are concerned with commercial or residential property-may you be a tenant, owner, potential buyer of real property, or prospective seller of real property- our office will help to ensure your financial commitments are safe and your rights are ensured at every turn. In matters of real estate litigation, our office has represented businesses of all sizes, developers of new construction projects, landlords, high net worth investors, and real-estate holding companies.


Certain procedures must be followed when a landlord attempts to remove a tenant from a residence. Most of these types of cases come before our office when a tenant has fallen behind on his rent payments. Of course, there are other circumstances that give rise to the need for an eviction, such as repeated rules violations. Occasionally, we are retained when a tenant remains in a dwelling after his lease expires. No matter the events that precipitate the need for an eviction, we understand that time is of the essence, as your main concern is finding a more trustworthy and reliable tenant. Our office is experienced in the application of the eviction statutes and can prepare and file the documents necessary.

Breach Of Contract

Litigation may be unavoidable when one party to a contract fails to meet its obligations. When these matters arise, the terms and conditions as contained in the contract will be relied upon to determine with which party, if any, is liable for damages to the other. Our office is available to review, interpret and explain all of the minutiae, provisions, clauses, and addendums to any contract into which you have entered.

Lien Foreclosures

Lien statutes in the State of Florida are very specific. The courts have always placed many safeguards into the application of these statutes to ensure the rights of debtors are protected. The courts also work to make certain that debtors follow precise guidelines as they try to remove a lien from their property. Our office ensures that you follow the statutes as you seek to collect those monies that are due to you.

Mortgage Foreclosures

If someone holds the note secured by mortgage and fails to pay sums due under that note, our office seeks to enforce the note in mortgage by appropriate means including mortgage foreclosure.

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