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Practice Areas

Condominium Law

The cornerstone of our practice is condominium law, which encompasses a wide-range of issues and subjects. Ms. Greusel is a well-respected attorney in this arena, as she has counseled seemingly countless homeowners' associations on a multitude of topics for the better part of the last quarter-century. Read More About Marco Island Condominium Law »

Real Estate Law

The Law Office of Jamie B. Greusel has vast experience when it comes to the complex arena of real estate law. With real estate markets in a state of such great flux over the last decade, there has never been as great a need in recent memory for qualified legal counsel for both homeowners and potential buyers of single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums, alike. Read More About Marco Island Real Estate Law »

Estate Law

Death is never a happy subject to discuss, but the sooner you put a thoughtful and carefully crafted estate plan in place, the sooner you will begin to enjoy the peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be well provided for after you are gone, and that all of your assets are allocated to those people you cherish and trust. Read More About Marco Island Estate Law »


By now, just about everyone in the State of Florida has heard the term "Probate" at one time or another. And while the word does typically carry with it somewhat of a negative connotation, the process is an important one to ensure that a decedent's assets are allocated in the precise manner as prescribed in his or her last will and testament. Read More About Marco Island Probate Law »


The creation of a trust can be a wise and money-saving option for some Florida residents, but they are not the right choice for everyone. Ms. Greusel would be happy to explain to you during an initial consultation the benefits of creating a trust, as well as the many different types of trusts. Read More About Marco Island Trusts »


Ensuring that a thoughtful and meticulous will has been drafted is a vitally important part of any estate planning endeavor. Without a valid will, arguments are sure to arise among siblings and other family members over the distribution of a decedent's assets, which include any real estate holdings, artwork, jewelry, automobiles, and other personal property, as well as cash and stocks. Read More About Marco Island Wills »